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Your Inner Garden

Sam Yau

There is an inner garden

a world only two can share

True love cannot be found

but it can be cultivated

in the magical realm of

love and intimacy

When you find homes in each other’s hearts

your love sparkles like diamonds

your garden becomes a glorious Eden

your love heals your family and the world

you see beauty all around you

When you find homes in each other’s bodies

your garden becomes sacred temple grounds

the passion’s flame blazes like the sun

your soul is palpably felt like never before

you see sensuality all around you

Your garden blossoms

in a thousand fragrances of intimacy

that is the essence and purpose of love

the surest path to ecstasy

Its seeds originate

from a deep soul connection

that cascades into

unimaginable intimacy

in all dimensions

of your being




and body

The seeds’ DNA comes from

the melding of both your essences

As you flourish and grow into

better versions of yourselves

so will your garden grow into

a more aromatic version of itself

Its soil is not tilled

from shallow promises

but a deep commitment

to one another

Its water flows from hearts

of mellow tenderness

pure loving presence

deep sharing

and vulnerability

with one another

Intimacy and passion reinforce

each other in an endless circuitry

Love without intimacy fades

Intimacy without love feels hollow

You reap what you sow

Tend your garden well

The beauty of your inner garden

is made manifest

as the joy and bliss

of your union


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