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For some people, music is their words; for others, words are their music. Passionate about words and their ability to trigger emotions, memories and thoughts, Sophie infuses them in her therapeutic work as she leads meditation, hypnosis sessions, and family constellations.

In 2021 she compiled and published her first anthology, J’ai vécu la même chose que toi, written with twelve co-authors. The best- seller testifies to the resilience displayed by these young women who recovered from breast cancer as a message of hope and encouragement for the families affected by this ordeal.

Born in the French Alps, nature has always been a source of creativity for Sophie; encouraging intuition, listening and expression in others, she created the motto Let’s voice your soul! and embodies it through her professional and artistic projects.

Her meeting with Sam Yau occurred in New York, during a workshop on past lives followed by a concert dedicated to the poet Rumi; after years of artistic friendship, their mutual encouragement to develop their poetic writing naturally manifested into Souls in Love.

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