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Womanity’s Shadow

By Sophie Rouméas

Artwork by Saint Michael’s School of Divinity, The Divine Feminine

Three ways can prevent me from appreciating you—

being out of tune with my femininity,

being a prisoner of my past and family story,

not perceiving the purity of your love.


I’d like to find the antidote

to these three possible shadows in the world,

I commit to looking into my own personal ones

without make-up, without trembling.


I was born a full woman,

connected to the moon and its tidal phases.

From my cycles, emotions are born.

When I dare to be mind, body, and spirit,

I am not afraid of my

hurly-burly fluctuations.


I become a temple

to welcome the flowers of your passion.


I carry past sorrows and joys,

those of my lineage of women and men.

From them,

I also received the gift of transmutation.

Life grants wisdom and clarity.

I am offered the choice to activate my comprehension 

and get away from 

the helter-skelter incarnations.


Embracing my ancestors 

becomes the answer.


I am then free and whole in our becoming.

You, the man I’ve chosen—

whom I feel chosen by.


I receive and love you in acceptance

that your humanity is the same as mine—

you are also the fruit of two opposite stars.


Equidistant from earth to the divine,

I am moving my center of gravity

towards you.


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