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By Sam Yau

I see an oak tree.

What is the color of

its green leaves when

no one is there to see?

What is the sound

of a tree falling when

no one is there to hear?

My tears know

only my name.

I wonder if anyone will

ever know my pain?

Sometimes, a thought

drops into my mind

and I don’t know

where it came from.


feelings and


are my only reality.

Who renders

experience from

sense and perception?

Who constructs

the self from


Who orchestrates

the symphony

of my life

with my brain?

I am that self-awareness,

from which there is a path

to cosmic consciousness.

The seeker,

the path,

neither are

different from

what is being sought.

A pearl already has

all of nature in it.

A cell already has

all of life in it.

Who sets the precise

constants of nature that

fine-tune the cosmos

for life to emerge?


pervades all matter

in an unbroken whole.

The Many and the One

are the same.

I am aware, therefore I am.

I am awareness itself.

Photo by Sam Yau


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