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By Sam Yau

Fourteen billion years ago,

you and I were born

of stardust from

the explosive expansion

of the singularity.

We shared 99.9% of our genes,

co-evolved with all of life

in this rich biosphere of

amazing beauty and diversity.

Formless divinity preceded

the creation of form,

imbued it with —

and enveloped it in—

infinite love,

buried a spark in each of us,

a light to guide us to our source,

which is how the human mind

discovers the elegant simplicity

of mathematics that hold

the secrets of the universe,

which is how the human heart

knows we are deeply connected—

to all humanity,

to our divine origin,

to our collective imagination

and manifestation of our future—

in a glorious web.

Let’s rejoice in


the intimacy in sameness,

the admiration of difference.

Each of us,

a star shining in the tapestry

of galaxies in the celestial dome.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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