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By Sam Yau

Do not cry when

I return to spirit.


My heart was broken,

but I am not shattered.

My mind was fractured,

but I am whole.

My body was wrecked,

but my soul is unblemished.

Trauma never tarnished

the light emanating from me.

I was perfect in

my imperfections.

The toils of living—

sagging skin,

wrinkled face,

sloth-like movement—

left no trace on

my etheric body.

Forever young

and ravishing,

I will traverse realms

in a flash.

I will see

in all directions,

be anywhere in an instant

with mere intention.

I will soar into the light,

a garden exploding

with roses and harps,

surrounded by

peaceful mountains,

embraced by

all my loved ones

on the other side.

I see divinity

in all of creation:

love is its essence.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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