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The Path

By Sam Yau


Beauty is the sun that

illuminates my inner journey

it stills my heart with peace

it rests my mind with joy


Beauty is the breeze that refreshes me 

it softens me when my truth feels harsh

it revives me when my goodness feels draining


My sense of beauty knows my name alone


Truth is what I’ve learned from my life

your truth remains a hypothesis to me

it is not mine until I experience it


All I can commit to live by is my personal truth


All my goodness springs from my heart

my conscience is my only judge

your heart doesn’t know mine


Do not judge me as good or bad

you know neither my situation 

nor the context shaped by my life story


The measure of my goodness is mine alone


Isn’t love the highest value of how I live


Love is the wellspring of these three virtues


If I choose love as my guidethen I can know with certaintyI am on the right path to live

my beauty

my truth and

my goodness




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