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The Nature of Love

By Sam Yau

Love binds

causes things

to come together

to interact

to co-create

to evolve

in an endless cycle of love


Love is the subtle vibration

that underlies the ocean of

interpenetrating fields

of energy and matter


Love is more fundamental than

electromagnetic, nuclear

and gravitational forces


Love invokes matter to become

life through alchemy


It is the mother of all feelings

It is the origin of all unions


Of life, love is

the sweetest nectar

the balm that heals

life’s wounds, and

its deepest longing


Its shadow is fear

fear of loss of love

fear of loneliness


The birth of all births

the creator of all creations

the thrust of all creative impulses


It is disguised as thousands of things

amid which we have forgotten our true essence


Love subdivides itself

into many forms of beauty


Beauty is in the eyes of the lover

the one who can no longer love

cannot see beauty in anything


Even truth is like a ray of light

that can be bent

in opposite directions

by the perspectives 

of love

or fear


If you are a lover of all things

your stream of joy and bliss

is unceasing


You then live as your true being


You are love itself


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