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The Misunderstanding

By Sam Yau

There are many days of happiness

sailing on the calm waters

of our meandering river


We discover our affinities and similarities

we look at each other

see our resemblance

our affection grows

through our familiarity


Hidden in the background is

a lifetime of different experiences


We come to the first rushing rapid

the wide chasm 

between our cultures

our life experiences

good and bad times

in our past relationships


How they have crafted

a tinted lens we perceive each other through


Your innocent casual comment

sounds like judgment to me

I am hit by the hammer of your words


I lash out at

lightning speed with

an uncalled-for reaction sprung  

from my past relationship trauma

that my self-awareness fails to catch


An outsized response to a non-existent

provocation, perceived incorrectly


The surprise hurt keeps us tongue-tied


Unwilling to disrupt days of good weather

we stay              silent,         aware

we are storing unresolved resentment

like gathering dark clouds


Thunder and lightning will strike again


My dear, I am sorry

I own it


I am dreaming of smooth waters

on a sunny cloudless day


Can we talk about it?




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