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By Sam Yau

Who choreographs the oscillations

of tiny strings of energy?

Who sets the frequencies

of the dazzling varieties of elements?

We are quarks and electrons

which are 99.99% empty.

Who projects solidity from emptiness

to stage the illusion of physicality?

Quarks in our nuclei zigzag

near the speed of light.

Who creates this mirage of stillness?

A subatomic particle emerges

from its hidden superposition only

when we consciously look for it.

Who instill it with the intelligence

to play hide-and-seek with us?

Once connected, two particles behave

as one—even when they are

across the cosmos from each other.

Who imbues this immutable entanglement?

We are dancing lights effusing from mysterious

and interpenetrating clouds of probabilities.

We involute from divine to human,

dosed with forgetfulness and narrowed perception,

to evolve and find our way back to source.

We live in multiple dimensions.

Higher planes spill over—




Imagination is

knowledge from the future.

We project our inner world onto

our outer reality, unaware that

we are holograms of our souls.

Gravity holds us in spacetime,

stitched together by entanglement.

In its deepest core is love,

the finest substance

and most powerful force

in the universe.


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