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An angel appears.

I ask her to expand

my empathy.

An eye’s blink,

I am engulfed in

swirling images:

The Inquisition.

The World Wars.


The Nanking Massacre.

A hammer slams

into my heart.

Heat melts me

from within.

I wake up soaked in sweat.

My heart pounds.

I need an antidote.

How do I hold such agony?

I ask the angel to return me to sleep.

Afloat in a dreamy field

of iridescent orange and purple poppies,

in a panorama of

splendor and radiance,

I am infused with

beauty and love.

Horrific images

return and interweave,

exacerbated by




reaching the sky.

All of a sudden,

my perception

conflates into a

harmonious tapestry,

rustling on the waves

of a symphonic melody.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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