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By Sam Yau

I stand against the whipping wind.

I don’t want to leave.

I stretch my hands out to catch my balance.

Tremors rumble up from the center of the planet.

Tidal waves made of the

tiniest vibrations wash over me.

My billion cells trance-dance in unison.

Miniscule filaments of energy

deep within me oscillate and throb

like little golden champagne bubbles of joy,

ready to explode and celebrate.

The dancing ocean glitters with silver,

reflecting the moon above.

The space occupied by my body

is now only vibration.

This is the essence of my organs, my metabolism,

my breath, my movements, my existence.

I am rhythm expanding outward.

The whole universe consists of this

majestic, jubilant, life-giving pulsation.

My body sways with the wind.

My feet are planted deep into the earth.

I am an ancient sequoia.

I am in my element.

I am home.

I want to stay here

for eternity.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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