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By Sam Yau

You are a mansion with many rooms.

Some with doors that open,

some that are locked forever.

Some barricaded by blocked memories

you don’t even know exist.

The knocking

at the door of your

conscious awareness

never stops.

In the furthest recesses

lives a three-year-old in perpetual rage,

ready to avenge

the unimaginable abuse

she has suffered.

Down the hall is the young girl

who plays mother,

tries to soothe,

hold back the

violent tantrums.

There is the fairy princess

living in her tower,

completely shielded.

The tough adolescent boy

hangs out in the garage,

avoiding further abuse

by becoming the abuser internalized,

the bully turned inward,

policing the gang inside.

The young woman

who meditates to remain calm

amid chaos and pain.

The intellectual

who talks philosophy

and lives in his head,

making sure no one pops up

at the wrong time,

in the wrong place.

Each bore witness to a wounding.

Each with their own

unique divine spark.

They appear and vanish,

you attempt to calm them,

to numb your pain

with vodka,

you are in chaos

and exhaustion.

The journey

of healing

is arduous.

Each personality

is here for you

to love,

to transform, and

to integrate.

You are brave.

You are whole,

shining in the

harmony and brilliance

of unity in your multiplicity.


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