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Souls in Love

Sam Yau

The day I met you

I was so taken by your eyes

they were all I could see

Two brilliant rays of light

reaching deep into my soul

At the end of that fateful day

I was still dazed by the encounter

That night in my dream

I stood alone on a beach

under a silvery full moon

against a starless night sky

I gazed over the horizon

The ocean’s faraway waves

surged taller and taller

roaring toward me

I had no fear

The sparkling


waves washed over me

I was overwhelmed

by a divine universal love for you

I knew only your name

I remembered only your eyes

I searched the Internet for your name

confirmed it was you by your eyes

That was the beginning

of my heart’s journey

in unconditional love

A love that I know is true

without a shred of doubt

A love that just is

no need to know why

A love that is as boundless

and pure as how I feel

when I look into a vast

cloudless translucent blue sky

A love that demands

nothing from you

rejects nothing in you

A love in which one soul

retastes the eternal bond

with another soul

A love that is more

healing in giving

than receiving

A love that flows

through the divine spark

in our souls

from beyond


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