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Souls’ Encounter

By Sophie Rouméas

Painting by Wen Zhengming, Huishan Tea Party, 1518

Naked before you,

my soul comes forward without fear.

I know my torments,

my strengths, my weaknesses,

my light and my mission.

I anticipate your questions,

even the ones you won't ask.

I don't know everything about you,

but I know enough to recognize you.

I first met you in dreams and

meditations. And today,

in this past-life workshop.

In this reality,

it is not your face

that is familiar to me first,

it is the essence of your soul.

Our energies recognize

and greet each other

before our bodies do.

Then your voice—its vibration—

initiates an ascent of my frequency.

At this moment,

we are soul to soul,

like two old friends.

It will take us four years

to choose intimacy.

There are moments

in our existence

when we encounter synchronicity.

It manifests its presence

to remind us of our divinity.

It gives us signs along the way,

we can choose to perceive them.

The meeting of two souls

is not free from turmoil:

See the ocean and its riptides,

successions of swells,

changes in direction,


What characterizes a soul’s encounter

is a space free of judgment.

In you, I reveal myself,

in me, you are reborn to yourself.

Life is a sharing.

I become the vase of your ideas

you blossom in my inner waters.

We bring to each other the light

of our past shadows,

primordial matter

that both our souls love to transmute

in a furrow of wisdom.

There is a conceiving force

emphasizing discernment

and unconditional appreciation

of what simply is.

It is said that a spiritual life

is stripped of all uselessness.

With you, my soul-flame,

every flower, every star

every object and

every morning,

becomes a raison d'être.

Living in grace does not prevent

us from embodying

our human experience.

It's a conscious choice

to walk through life

like a garden.

From morning to night,

we scatter our seeds of intention.

The kitchen

becomes a laboratory

wherein we infuse universal tenderness.

The living room,

a place of intellectual emanation,

a dialogue between hearts and minds.

The bathroom,

a place of purification rituals

for all our senses to be accurate

in transmission and reception.

Our bedroom at night,

a sacred space

for our carnal dimension

and rest.

We are happy to support each other,

independent and together in our evolution.

Then, we can enjoy sharing the happiness

with other friendly souls,

from here and beyond.

The outside thus becomes an opportunity

to breathe synchronicity

and to manifest it too,

because when we amplify

this soul energy,

the world around us becomes

an uplifting world.


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