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By Sam Yau

The day you were born,

you were given four gifts:


free will,

an ego,

and forgetfulness.

Who animates your heartbeat,

activates your breath,

comforts you when you are sad,

celebrates with you when you are joyful,

shines light through your darkest days,

surprises you with joy in your deepest sorrow?

Who awes you with

the sun’s first beam that pierces the hilltop,

the sunset cloud that sprays golden rays,

the wind that waves the green wheat field,

the glint that bounces on a blanket of white snow?

Who nudges you to

seek meaning and purpose,

expand your circle of love,

arrive at the unity in diversity,

find your way back to Source?

You surge

from the ocean of awareness

as a desire of the Divine

to experience Itself as the unique you:

one strand of the infinite glory

and variety of Its creations.

You are a wave rising up to

the beautiful dance of life,

remerging into eternity.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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