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Return to Wholeness

Sam Yau

Because of pain caused by trauma

you dissociate from your body


Because of hurt from wounding events

you disown them and their memories


Because of never receiving enough love

you feel you’re not good enough


Because of fear of disapproval

you hide parts of you in shadow


You have lost so much of you



unspoken grief



Gather all the parts you have discarded

include and transcend them

for you don’t have to live there anymore


Soon you will discover

your true nature

you are precious

totally lovable



Come home to your body


Embrace the totality of your life’s journey


Reclaim who you are


Discover the fullness

of being both divine and human


To heal

is to return to wholeness

1 comentário

Victoria Avey
Victoria Avey
15 de mai.

This is lovely, Sam!

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