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By Sam Yau

I know you well—

not by your names,

but by your energies.

Tragedy has cracked

my heart wide open.

I can’t bear witness

to so much suffering

in this world.

I can’t return to my

former insulated self.

It is heavy here.

I want to float away.

It is confining here.

I long to be free.

I can’t breathe here.

I pray to go home.

But I must stay.

There are still tasks

I must complete.

Spirit friends,

gather close,

I am still,

merge with me,

let us join hands,

fuse minds,

sync our hearts.

I pray my vision

opens to your seeing,

my mind to your knowing,

my heart to your compassion.

Inspire me,

lift me up,

fill me with joy,

grant me peace.

Above all,

expand and bolster

this vessel of mine

to be a conduit of

your love and wisdom

for the world.

Help me to

straddle both worlds,

but ground me in this reality.


התגובות הושבתו לפוסט הזה.
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