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By Sam Yau

Thoughts fly into my mind’s chamber

like uninvited birds.

Without attention from me,

they can no longer latch

onto other thoughts.

New arrivals become spare.

One by one, they depart.

Without thoughts,

memories can’t linger,

tomorrow can’t emerge.

Without a flutter of past or future,

my feelings subside.

Lying still, I feel

each pulsation in my wrist,

the throbbing at my toes’ tips.

I hear the thundering rumbling

and growling in my guts,

the whirling and gushing

of my arteries’ blood.

All sensations fall away

into quietude.

With the last trace of breath gone,

My body vanishes.

Floating in immense emptiness,

submerging in cosmic silence,

without any sense of self,

losing all my boundaries,

on the edge of the horizon,

I disappear into a

vast awareness.

Coming back,

the quiet echoes

through my empty body.

I have traversed the void,

the fullest emptiness

I have ever glimpsed,

shimmering with infinite

creative potentials.

My heart explodes.

No longer am I a tiny speck,

the universe is in me.


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