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Love and Shadow

Sam Yau

The day I met you, I burst through my heart

and rocketed to the edge of the universe and back

I know of no love so boundless, so freeing

it demands nothing of you; it rejects nothing in you

Day after day, your soul’s blinding light shines through

facet by facet, your iridescent radiance grows until

you become the sun, the moon, and all the stars in the sky

you catapult me right into the center of my divinity

I stand naked in front of you, immersed in your luminosity, unaware

that the shadow flicker-dances with the shimmering like friends

The foreboding of the inevitable breakup looms. The distant heartache

beat by beat, leaches out the bubbling joy from the now

When you show me your blazing love poem to your previous lover

a vinegar-fed fire snakes its scorching green flame from my stomach to my heart

Light and shadow, love and jealousy, are not strange bedfellows

it is me who is inflicted. Your pristineness remains unblemished

I wish I could be in the moment, lost in the bliss of my love for you

I wish I could scatter the future, or my fear of it, in the capricious wind


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