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Sam Yau

Lover, do not lose yourself

for I cherish who you are

and the way you live your life

Don’t please me

love me

In pleasing me

you lose part of you

In loving

you become expansive

Do not change

any part of yourself

because you want to fit in

Allow yourself

to change

in a natural and

intentional way

as we melt our lives

into each other

Like two circles

coming together

not all parts of us

will overlap

We will learn

what parts will remain

separate but together

with full support

from one another

Our life is

a dance between

independence and


Each of us


we are fuller and happier

when we join our lives together

in all our uniqueness

Our differences

will bring richness

to our shared life

We will remain curious and explore

the vastness of the universe that is us

Let us promise to share ourselves deeply

always believing in the best of each other

In mirroring each other

we find the best in us

we are still unaware of

We will dance this dance well

We will grow well together

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