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By Sam Yau

There was a time you worried

people would not be kind,

life would deal you a bad hand.

There is a garden inside of you.

You are its sole caretaker.

You can plant flowers of love.

You can sow seeds of wisdom.

When your garden is safe,

your world is safe.

When it is beautiful,

your world is beautiful.

When it is peaceful,

you become a peacemaker.

Your happiness comes from within,

no one can take it away from you.

When you are full inside, you see

the half-full in the world and fill it.

You see the best in others,

so they show their best to you.

People will be drawn to you,

events will coalesce into what you envision.

Your outer journey takes you

to the four corners of the earth.

Your inner one traverses

across the universe.

There is no outside world.

Every time you look outward,

it is a projection.

Tend your garden well.

Live inside-out.

The world you experience

is within you.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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