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In This Silence

Sam Yau

I love to take a leave of absence

from my mental chatter

in the mindless rush of life

The tyranny of thoughts

comes to rest

and my senses expand

Now the world is ready

to reveal what was hidden

sights unseen

sounds unheard

bodily sensations unfelt

O my dear lover

I feel your body through

your palm

which my palm clasps

you are now my own flesh

In this silence

I enter your temple

I feel you now

your heartbeat

your breath

the rush of your arteries’ blood

the warmth of your body

the familiarity of your energy

I enter a hall of remembrance

this one specific to

our rendezvous in Paris

You whisper in my ears

glide your body against mine

taste my lips divine

Images from this memory

finally catch up with me

I can no longer hold back

even though you are

on the other side of the globe


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