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By Sam Yau

When I see your face for the first time,

you lift your gaze to meet mine.

Time freezes.

Everyone else fades away.

We know our destiny.

Fired-up neurons trance-dance in unison.

We dive into each other with no fear.

We soar to heaven, sink to hell,

unleash our best and our worst,

mirror each other’s light and shadow.

We grind at each other’s humanness.

In joy, in pain, we grow together.

No matter how many times

we separate and reunite,

we always find our way back

to one another.

We recognize our original faces,

remember our eternal bond,

intertwined for many lifetimes,

forever in each other’s embrace.

To see and be seen

in our soul-essence

is to be in God's presence.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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