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How Do We Know?

By Sophie Rouméas

The physicality of being, emotions of the heart, vibrations of the soul… The gateways to love are varied and diverse. With so many paths, how do we know we love? Like an eel in the hands, words spin and slip away, how do we know we love? I call upon my curiosity, the final station of my sobriety. To love is to be drunk, not on wine, but emotions— and to surrender to them. To love is to be wise, to embrace the blessings, welcome the sorrows too. Love is this dichotomy, this constant movement between what I initiate and what we generate. Love calls for boldness, tenderness and surrender— a hint of attitude. Above all, to love is to be. From the present to all other times, it is to reinvent, dare to dream, feel and share. It is being with you what I would not be without you. It is to live this uniqueness of what life invites us to manifest and create by bringing us together. Painting by Marc Chagall, Lovers with Half Moon, 1926


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