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Hold the Space

By Sophie Rouméas

Photography by Deep Green

Don’t be upset with me, my love.

With you, I grow.

I’m no longer at the core of my strength,

nor am I dressed in certitude.

With you, I express.

I explore the roots of our future

while staying present in our present.

With you, I dare.

I wish to bring you my colors,

my own light and completeness.

With you, I trust.

As a newcomer in the forest

of your life,

I walk the path with an open heart.

With you, I learn.

I am conscious of your people

and your family of trees.

It is an honor to land on your land.

With you, I care.

It’s no small thing to leave a nest,

a known network of roots,

and dare to fly high and far away.

With you, I choose.

But my love, not everyday

do I reveal brightest colors,

nor do I feel grounded while suspended

nor do I feel safe while in between.

In your forest, there is a balance.

Homeostasis prefers the known

to the unknown; to a new species

daring to plant a new seed

in the soil of the sacred ground.

Darling, can I express my doubts

and not have them dissipate in the wind,

only to return as a panoply of clouds?

But if the rain helps the seed to root,

then it will bring its fruits to the birds

and the birds will sing

the taste of the New.

Still, the rain must be light

to respect the alchemy

of the numinous space

as a nurturing element.

With you, I love.


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