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By Sam Yau

Step inside your favorite café,

look into the eyes of a waitress

who has served you for years,

ask, “How are you?” with

a thankful smile.

Notice what arises inside you.

Feel the cup of latte

warm your hands.

Let its delicate, sweet flavor

mellow your heart.

Behind the barista,

can you see

the farmers, the processors, the distributors

from the four corners of the world

toiling to create this delight to start your day?

How the window is eager to show you

the golden sunset over the Pacific,

the stair tread to rise to receive

your next step as you ascend,

the kettle to whistle

a love song,

the oven to ooze the

delicious aroma of baking croissants?

How the patient rocks grinded

against the ocean waves for eons

to turn into the finest white sands

to cuddle your feet on the beach?

How floating moisture, dust, and wind

create the most gorgeous shape-

shifting clouds to dazzle you?

How the sun and the moon take turns

to illuminate you from the sky?

Can you see,

every encounter

is an exchange of love?

How everything around you is alive,

forever saying, “I love you”?

Gratitude unlocks

the hidden intimacy you

already have with everything.


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