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By Sam Yau

Despair lingers

in the night,

it is a darkness

with no exit.

I can’t overcome

my lead-heavy chest

to get out of bed.

I draw the curtains tight

against the dark clouds closing in.

I wake up to the late afternoon sun.

I drag myself to the trail

on the ridge facing the Pacific.

Last night’s rain—

transmuted into gorgeous clouds

aflame in gold and red in the sunset.

The long shadows

of the town below.

I wait for the moon to rise,

reflected in the ocean,

whispering in the ebb and flow

of the tide.

The moon descends below the hills,

stars glitter in the black velvet sky,

lightning illuminates distant dark clouds.

The moon will wax

and wane.

The seasons will cycle.

Rest in the unknowing.

Sleep soundly tonight.

Photo by Sam Yau


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