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Conscious Silence

By Sophie Rouméas 


Photography by Iropa

Souls are imprisoned by

incessant noisiness.

Silence sets us free

and reignites our senses.


There was a time when

silence annoyed me.

From the silence of an empty house

to that of people around me,

I felt this childish loneliness,

like a soul imprisoned.


Hence, my quest for incessant dialogue,

from which I cultivated

my passion for understanding—

and now, silence, the good one,

never ceases to remind me of

its usefulness to my reinitiated senses.


At a certain point, time

is no longer just a time,

it is how my awakened perception

receives the sweet song

of a soul that marvels.


Alpha, theta, my waves

are enriched by this silent,

holy-grail transcendence.


I can make silence

my friend; guidance

for my mind entranced.


Silence offers me its virtues.

A deep presence

to what is.


Silence teaches me.

The next action, a better reaction.

From silence I can arise,

align with nature’s wisdom.


Silence connects me.

I join with the reality of our universe,

from its tiniest grain

to our complete Oneness.


Silence dissolves me.

Then, I am aware of you.

You, my love, my children,

my neighbors, my fellow humans,

you, that I have never known.


Silence serves me.

And just as much, I serve it.

It is a dance,

a reconciliation with time.


For the grace of peace,

I return to the present—

the key

that activates

conscious silence.


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