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(Higgs Boson - God Particle Confirmed)

By Sam Yau

A curiosity worth more than

thirteen billion dollars,

wider than a seventeen-mile oval tunnel,

deeper than five hundred feet below the ground,

bigger than any one country’s agenda.

In a trillionth of a second,

a man-made collision opens

a portal to another dimension,

a new Big Bang after fourteen billion years.

Protons one hundred thousand times

hotter than the sun collide

at the speed of light.

Trillions of known

and yet-to-be-discovered

sparkling filaments

emerge and explode.

Amid the thundering, deafening maelstrom,

hear the whisper of a Higgs boson,

the wizard behind the curtain

bestowing mass on

ghostly subatomic specks.

The invisible massless is transformed

into the visible physical,

appears from nothing,

disappears into nothing,

shapeshifts from waves to matter

and back again.

Entangled in an unbroken web

of the holographic universe,

there are no lonely quarks.

Imagine a human world with

no illusion of separation.


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