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By Sam Yau

I love to gaze skyward

and greet my friends.

Gold sunbeams pour

like three layers of a

cascading waterfall

into the Pacific.

A dome

floats around me:


like massive cotton balls

form the bottom,

and streaks

of white wisps

reach up to create the

celestial ceiling.

Successive layers form

a cloud staircase that reaches

from the ground up to

the only patch of blue in the sky.

A black hawk rises like a spirit

through the menacing, swirling,

dark thunderheads

toward the cloud-cloaked sun.

At sunset, cumulus form

a giant upturned hand,

holding the setting orb.

Luminous rays spray

through the space

between its fingers

into the twilight ocean.

The homeward sun’s reflection

forms a fiery candle in the ocean

against the crimson red sky.

Clouds dance

without attachment

across the azure sky.

They collide into each other

with utmost gentleness.

After rain,


The sky will be gorgeous

tomorrow morning.

Photo by Sam Yau


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