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By Sophie Rouméas

Photography by Nikada

How does one recognize those who are awakened?

Is it by their ability to define

who they are in their soul

and live aligned with?

How they navigate the ocean of interconnectedness?


Plato, Jung, Spinoza, and countless others

mapped the human psyche with archetypes.


We wish to be free, defined by our aspirations,

not only by our actions and reactions.


To succeed in life

is to grasp the usefulness of these codifications,

learn from our behaviors and their implications—

then break free.


When I meet the Other,

I am not in front of a Rebel, a Priestess, a Judge or a Lover,

I am in front of you, with the same rights, the first of which

is to be free and equal in dignity.

Whoever you are, you were not created in my image—

I am not a reflection of you.

We are face to face

to discover the richness of human evolution.


I can ignore what I don't understand about you,

reject what I don't recognize—

or appreciate where you are,

meet you in the middle,

neither at your house nor at mine,

in a space of respect and curiosity,

creating room for sharing and learning

in conversation.


One by one,

I mindfully deactivate the codes of my past.

Then, my shadows can’t activate yours,

nor yours activate mine.


Transference disappears from our reality.

I, you, we

bathe in the lit flow of unity.


From fractional archetypes,

we become the fractal

of harmony.


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