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By Sam Yau

You can’t recall a single

major traumatic event.

But you have suffered

small but recurrent hurts

inflicted by those closest to you

over many years:

You’d walk in a room

and feel invisible,

your enthusiasm was negated,

your idea, brushed off

and called clueless.

No one to talk to.

No one cares.


Small unhealed injuries

snowball into a

debilitating wound.

It gnaws at your self-worth,

depletes your life-force.

The world feels unsafe,

you become a loner.

Your pain body unlivable,

bit by bit, your soul leaves.

Your eyes look vacant.

Nothing is pleasurable.

A chunk of your life has

vanished from memory.

A thousand cuts need

a thousand doses

of loving kindness

to heal.

Open your heart,

be vulnerable,

share your life with

friends old and new.

Look for beauty, love’s

favorite place to indwell.

Your favorite things

will come to life and return

your caring vibes.

Propagate your love,

for it boomerangs,


and heals you at the root.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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