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By Sam Yau

On this blueish planet of ours,

a tiny twinkle among billions

of brilliant swirling galaxies,

lies a grand cosmic journey,

an evolution of consciousness,

an ascension from matter to spirit.

Humanity has veered off-course

from Prehistory,

through the Dark Ages,

to the Renaissance

to the Industrial/Scientific/Information Age,

and is still searching for

the Promised Land.

We are obsessed with

gratifying the senses and intellect

instead of

awaking to our true identity,

our soul,

the essence of which,

is love.

This divine spark

buried deep inside each of us,

its radiance untarnished,

still awaits to be lived.

People crowd into

the temple of technology,

bow to

the golden calf of data,

salivate for

the spoils of artificial intelligence,

all under the auspices of

scientific materialism.

Idealizing comfort,

not peace or joy.

True power lies in the heart,

compassion for all sentient beings,

the awakening to divinity within

and its union with humanity.

Love stitches the fabric of gravity

in the curvature of spacetime

the universe cradles.

The strongest force

is hidden in

the smallest nucleus,

the softest heart,

the plainest love.

We, the lightworkers

blessed and humbled by

a taste of the union with the Divine,

must rev up earth’s vibrations,

wake humanity to its destiny of

heaven on earth.

Photo by Sam Yau


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