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A Prayer

By Sam Yau

Love is the substance of the universe.

May I be a receptacle for it.

May it fill me to the brim

and overflow to anyone who comes upon my path.

May I be present with every sentient being

and bow to the divine spark shining in their soul.

May my heart expand to be more inclusive.

May my mind expand to be more loving

until I am one with the universe.

May I be present with my feelings

and my thoughtsevery moment of the day.

May I be aware of awareness itself,

and know that it is the nature of my being.

May I glimpse the fullest emptiness,

shimmering with all creative potentials.

May I become conscious of my habitual patterns,

catching them by the head and not the tail.

May I regain my freedom by not acting on them.

May I embrace and transcend my shadow,

choosing to dwell in my higher self.

May I empty and surrender this vessel

so that spirits may inspire and dance within me.

May I see what is unseen,

perceive what is not perceived,

remember what has been forgotten,

converse with my eternal truth,

walk amongst angels and guides,

with loved ones who have departed.

May I cross the bridge between realms.

I am a soul.

I was never born.

I will never die.

Love will never end.

May I live with the awareness

of these veiled truths

while shrouded in human form.

When the time comes for me to leave this life,

waking from this dream of my sojourn to earth,

I shall smile and celebrate my return home.

May we release our collective trauma.

May we all heal each other and be healed

by lovingkindness.

Painting by Olena Zavakevych


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