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A New Garden

By Sophie Rouméas

I like to create with him,

to emanate our garden

of togetherness.

I revisit mine within—

unexplored plots,

flowers he may like,

ones I want to share.

He is there, smiling,

at the entrance of my garden.

I open my heart wider

and invite him in,

melting with happiness.

I let myself be visited—timidly,

then plainly.

In his energy,

the imprint of the loving gardener.

I like his character.

Now I step to the entrance

of his garden.

Inhale the multiple perfumes,

gently touch

the flowers of his soul.

Curious, I taste the spume of his dreams.

The foliage of his thoughts

leads me to the sap of his poetry.

The wind of humanity,

swirling and diverse, feeds

the prose of his philosophy.

Now, we are going to explore

this new universe

that we are composing together.

We combine our harmonies—

you garden my heart,

I sow yours.

Our entrances embrace,

we open our distances

and become One.

Our world is bursting with its spring.

A new season is beginning.

We patiently cultivate

the realm of our mission.

In between your lands and mine,

there are our traditions in fusion.

I enjoin the memories of my ancestors

to those you have collected from yours.

We shuffle Master Time’s cards—

you mingle your essence with mine,

I embrace your eastern roots.

One by one, our differences become

bridges between your center and mine.

A new alchemy arises,

preceding the inception of our creations.

In our cocreated garden, there is

your music and mine.

Both of us, conductors of our new notation.

Both of us, interpreters of our new happiness.

Painting by Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, 1485


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