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By Sophie Rouméas

Painting by Vincent Van Gogh, Irises, 1889

I met you at Omega,

the ultimate place for personal growth.

It feels now like it was a homecoming, 

like a gateway we walked through

to enter the port of our hearts.


There was a moment

when our souls connected.

You were aware of our possible magic,

I was starting a journey.


Sigma, Alpha, in the separate

toboggans of our lives, 

we continued as parallel universes, 

each traveling our personal Euclidean alphabet

until nothing more important

could happen than

for us to meet completely.


Naked in the divine

of our souls,

we anchor at last—

not only in our intertwining brain waves

or the rearrangements of our destinies—

but in the union of our bodies. 


Our Omega point is that purple heart—

the higher consciousness

is up to us to nourish and let flourish. 


Our journey is a delight.

From Alpha to Omega,

I love our light.


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