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By Sam Yau

You were a primal bundle of joy.

You were the scream, the tears, the smile.

You felt everything in your body,

and let it pass through you.

As you grew up, life sometimes

presented you with a little more

agony and anguish than you could bear.

You learned to run away from it,

you would bury yourself in a book,

distract yourself from your pain

by thinking.

You would conceptualize,

escape into analysis,

relish the elation of synthesis,

be pleased with your rationalization.

You adored theories built

upon layers of abstraction.

You would see a tree, and

rather than running your hand along

the lines and wrinkles on the trunk,

or sniffing sticky fragrant sap, or tracing

the veins flowing through the leaves,

your mind would categorize it.

You were a walking brain

dragging your body behind you.

Unexpressed feelings knotted your muscles,

wrapped you up like a mummy.

Let yourself feel again.

Set yourself free.

Come home to your body.


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